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Dental Loupes Medical Surgical Loupes
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  Models and Features: (Dental Surgical Loupes Sale -- Check it Out)

We manufacture and sell high quality loupes at half market price (Dental Loupes from $239).
How can we do that? Because we are specialized surgical dental loupe manufacturer.
It is factory-direct, directly to your hands without a middle man.
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  • All Loupes are made of premium-grade optical glass. The optics is equivalent to big name brands.
  • All oculars are individually tuned, multi-layer coated for maximum light transmission.
  • Lens edges and all internal metal and plastic surfaces are blackened to maximize image contrast. Loupe mounting is plastic for light weight and durability.
  • We provide a wide variety of frames: alloy metal, titanium and plastic safety frames.
  • We also provide clip-on and headband mount loupes. 
  • Ultra lightweight: total weight including frame is only 2.0oz to 3.5oz depending on models.

For orders in large quantity, OEM, and whole sale retail distribution, please contact us. We offer great business partner plans and volume discounts. Please send inquiries to .

   Customer Satisfactions: We are customer oriented supplier.

  Fast Shipping: 1-Day shipping for most orders. Order will arrive in about 3 business days in US and 5~7 business days world wide.

All Loupes and Lights can be mounted on clips. For current sales, please visit our new website at

MedLite Dental Loupes

Specifications and Gallery

Model Mag. Working Distance (inch) Field of View (inch)* Weight (oz)
Loupe only Loupe with Different Frames
Titanium Ultralight Sporty Alloy
250 2.5x 14"/17"/21" 4.5"~5.2" 1.3 2.0 2.2 2.6
300 3.0x 14"/17"/21" 2.8"~3.2" 1.9 2.6 2.8 3.2
350 3.5x 14"/17"/21" 2.1"~2.5" 1.4 2.1 2.3 2.7
Prisma 3.5x
13"~23" 3.8"~4.5" 2.2 2.9 3.1 3.5

  *The field of view can vary plus or minus 0.5" or so depending on individuals' vision and interpupillary distance.

    Titanium Frames are the lightest (0.7 oz) and you can fit prescription lenses on them. The Ultralight Sporty Safety Frames (0.9 oz) are cool looking and also very comfortable to wear. The advantage of the plastic safety frame is that the weight of the loupes are more uniformly distributed around your head so that it is very comfortable to wear over a long period of time.

  Note: The working distance is the distance between the object and the user's eyes. To find the optimal working distance for you, sit in your desired working position and take a measurement between the object you are working with and your eyes. That distance is your preferred working distance. Then pick the loupes that is closest to your preferred working distance. If your desired working distance is not listed below, please email us.

  We have a full line of replacement parts for loupes we sell. After the warranty period, you can get replacement at low cost. Usually plastic parts costs around $5~10 plus shipping (First Class or Priority Mail) and single ocular costs about $80~$150 plus shipping (USPS insured).

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